Mining Rights

December 1, 2014
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The mineral rights bequeathed to Rhodesia Railways Ltd by Cecil John Rhodes were held through the United Kingdom registered Rhodesia Railways Ltd which later changed its name to ZIZA Ltd (standing for Zimbabwe-Zambia Ltd) in whom ZRL and NRZ hold 50% shareholding each.

In order to optimally exploit the ZIZA mineral rights, the Governments of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe incorporated Pan African Mineral Development Company Ltd (PAMDC) in which ERP (on behalf of Zambia and Zimbabwe) holds 66.67% shareholding whilst African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (Pty) Ltd of South Africa holds 33.33% shareholding on behalf of the South African Government. The company was incorporated on 26 November 2007 and commenced the process of taking over ZIZA mineral rights.

PAMDC can be contacted at:

P O Box 786141,
Sandton, South Africa

Telephone: +27 1020 14700
Fax: +27 0102 01482



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